Dear Lord,

I come boldly asking for Your divine safety and protection over the nations. You instructed us to always pray, for You are able to keep, take care of, and bring to pass the things that I commit unto You in prayer. Lord, I commit all things into Your hands. I pray that You would assign strong and mighty angels to watch over the nations, cities and communities. May You encamp each one in a hedge of protection to keep  safe in all their ways.

Father , thank You for the power and authority that You have given us over the devil and over every evil and demonic spirit; and with that authority, I bind Satan, every principality, and every spirit of weakness from hurting or harming those who belong to You, in any way, by the authority of the name of Jesus Christ.

No weapon formed against those who belong to You shall prosper. You instructed us to cast our cares and our worries upon You, and You would sustain us. Therefore I cast my cares and worries upon You. I am confident , that according to Your word, You shall sustain and keep safe all of my love and cares. Your word says You are faithful to keep us from all evil.

Because I trust in You to watch over my community of neighbors, friends and loved ones,  I thank You for allowing Your peace to rest upon me and my every concern. Thank You and praise You for victory in Christ Jesus .

Psalms 9:11

I will give thanks unto Jehovah with my whole heart…

Post your serious prayer!!!



  1. A special prayer for all the young kids who are out doing drive bys and killing one another. This is what My Family is faced with right now. LORD protect my family from all things that can harm us. As we walk outside to do our everyday things protect us. Only U Lord are able 2shield us from these weapons and this is why I come 2U. Please, be with the family and young man who was shot last nite. Thank “YOU JESUS” I praise U Lord during these times in My Life…amen!!!

  2. Pray that the Lord will keep the United States of American safe and that the leaders of our nation do right by it’s people. I pray that you Father choose our new president.

  3. I would like for someone to pray for me and my family specifically for my Daughter Jasmine. I have dealt with demons of the past for so long, and I am tired. I have accepted my faults and have expressed my downfalls to her so many times and have appologized for my faults. I beg of you to please ask GOD and so will I to lift this burden on my heart and shoulder and remove it from me and help my daughter realized I do carry her pain and hurt. I ask GOD for his forgiveness in every aspect of my life.

    • Lord, it is in the Mighty Name of Jesus that I pray for the safety and protection of our sister Belinda and her daughter Jasmine. May Your hand be upon them right now; that whatever their situation is Lord You are who we seek to bring comfort and peace between them, in King Jesus’ Name. Amen…

    • You are forgiven and God forgave you the first time you asked him, now forgive yourself, and release it all to God past, present and future. As far as your daughter is concern don’t keep repenting to her over and over again, but target the spirit of unforgiveness, bitterness resentment hurt and anger that has her bound. She has to let it go. Don’t let her keep punishing you with the very things you have repented of. It is your daughter that is in error and not you. God is on your side she owes you the respect and honor of being her parent no matter what you have or have not done, been or have not been in her life. God loves you and your daughter He will see you both through these trying times and bring you to a place of victory in it. Stay blessed in the Lord and know that He is working it out for you.

    • I will pray for you, and a way to show your daughter that you truly love her, is to have a daily prayer session with her. Just get a rosary, pray, read the bible, and have a silent moment. She will truly love you if she knows you are close to God.

    • God help all those family’s who are dealing with deamos in their lives help them to stay strong to fend off all evil doings. Lord I honstly accept all my faults. God I have asked for many things but this time is different please help all those out there to know and realize that others carry their burdons on their shoulders as well. God father powerful and almighty I ask for your forgiveness in every aspect of my life in which I have failed to do right and sinfully acted against you. God please forgive me.


  5. God please do not let typhoon bopha to kill innocent lives in our country Philippines. please give us your guidance, please give us protection. i love you always God



  7. Lord Jesus you are the just judge lord, your are my savior, Lord plz. help each one of us in our daily life specially in our problems, Lord pls. forgive us for all of our mistakes specially in your commandments. cleanse us Lord with the precious blood of Jesus. Lord you are our powerful and ever leaving God i will praise you lord all the days of my life

  8. I really disagree! cannot believe that this is going on in modern day times. I was relieved I am not jogging. The Directors have wondered what will happen to this. I will need to know the evolving issues and going forth.

  9. My husband & the father of our 4 children is serving a long prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. We have learned that he has a hit out on his life where he is and the group that has ordered this instructed their members to “stab him up at all costs.” Please pray Gods guidance, peace & protection over him. Thank you

  10. This prayer is beyond amazing an helpful in many ways! At this time I find myself struggling thru a fear but I have faith in Jesus that all will be ok:) Thank you Jesus for all that you do and being here for us!

  11. Single Mother after 17 years….
    Dear Lord, married at 19 years I have never been alone and felt secured. Suddenly I am alone, divorced and with 2 beautiful daughters you have blessed me with. Alone at night when my daughters are peacefully sleeping Lord, I fear the night. Every noise every movement and every thought. I pray Lord to look after my family with your strong hand over my tent at night, so no evil, no people that want’s to harm may enter our protected home that you guard throughout the night. In Psalm 91 You said you would cover us under your wings and send your Angels to guard and look over us, so we don’t fear the night or any evil. Lord help me of this fear I am feeling all the time, heal this fear inside me, because You will look over us, even when we don’t know this. Bring peace in my heart Lord, though I do not deserve your loyalty, yet You always are. Help me make it through every night with peace in my heart. Lord, you would not have chosen this path for me if I could not handle it, now I ask of You to help me through this, to make me stronger and stand up to shout: YOU ARE MY PROTECTOR AND SAVIOUR!

  12. Please pray that my husband bobby gets to work safely and that he gets home safely too in the morning. The weather outside is freezing and roads are very dangerous tonight. Please guide with open arms

  13. Amen. Please who ever reads this comment. Pray for me and my family. My father is sick from cancer and i am struggling with the disease of addiction, as well as my daughters father and mine as well. Thank you for this lovely prayer of safety. Hoping to be touched by jesus and lay all my worries in his hands and to become closer to him. Thank you

  14. Amen! Please join me in prayer for protection of my girlfriend’s children, home, workplace and over her as well. Pray for the protection from any evil against her, so that it may not effect her or her family. Pray for the protection from any evil against her home, that it may not enter. Pray for the protection from any evil against her, that it may not enter her work place. Pray for the protection from any evil against her so that it may not enter her vehicle. Pray for the protection from any evil against her, that it may no longer effect her life in anyway! I pray this over her. I pray the blood of Christ protects her, her family and her life from any evil. I pray that it also protects me, my family and my life. I come to you in Jesus name, Amen!

  15. Pray for the flight MH370 which has been dissapeared for more then 24 hours. Wish to hear n watch a miracle soon. Safe MH370 passangers 239 & crew 12. Protect them & give them strength to face what ever the have been going through.. Whole nation is hoping for a miracle soon.

  16. Dear Lord I ask that you please be with the broken hearted I speak healing on the heart of those that need it send down your holy spirit and tuch and heal the sick the broken hearted and lord I cast out fair for u do not give us a spirit of fair but peace love and sound mind I pray Heavenly father that u watch over your lambs why they sleep give them pace and hope for a better tomorrow in Jesus preaches name I pray Amen I will pray for u all out there in Jesus name

  17. Oh Lord Jesus, keep my family away from danger . Guide us to walk with you lord . Guide them to finish their studies to have a better job someday. Guard my finances to support them continuosly. Give us good health to all of us . Thank you Lord for everything , don’t let our enemies succeed. Hope Lord , they will realize their mistake of accusing us . You know the real truth Lord.

  18. I want strong pray for my baby and wife please help them in the problem what thy are facing right now over there please bless thm and protect my family lord and all my brother, sister , uncle, aunties Mom daddy pls my wife and daughter.pray for them I am far away from thm at present only I can help is pray with all of you

  19. Lord protect my home my family and watch over me send your guardian angels to heal all memories of violence and trauma And abuse from my mind body and sSoul I beg you for your divine protection and please help me find a safe loving partner and loving friends who will Support and Love me please I bEg you to take away my fea’re and anxiety and give Me your peace and help me trust in you as I an feeling vulnerable please Lord help me be safe

  20. I pray for the safety of my husband in his wrk right now.I also pray for our safety in the house against all.danger.please God send your mighty angels to guide us always.through Jesus name our Lord Amen.mama mary pray for us always.

  21. Ginoo ipalayo intawn sa dautang elemento diagrasya mga kakulian aqng bana ug iyang mga kauban sa trabaho Lord.ikupo kanila imong gamhanang kapa aron ipalayo sa mga daotan.dungga among mga pag ampo Ginoo.kini akong gpangayo IN JESUS name .allelluiah.amen.

  22. Prayers for my children and their School Madison High School in San Antonio, TX.
    A kid showed up yesterday with guns and knives with an intent to use and they recieved another threat today.

  23. Thank u fo this wonderful prayer esp fo my country kenya where insecurity is too much and lot of killings to innocent lives. God heal our country

  24. I am praying right now for the safety and the protection of my precious family. I ask everyone for their prayers as we pursue new endeavors in dallas tx. My family has suffered tremendous hardships but god has seen us through it all. I am pleading the precious blood of Jesus for the safe return of my fiance and for my families travel to texas.

  25. Ps. 32:8
    I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Stand on this promise, and trust God!

  26. Jesus Christ, please forgive me for falling out of love with the man I married. I tried for so many years and for my kids to make it work, but I’ve lost the person i used to be and I can’t do this anymore. I’m depressed and feel alone. Please help me find a way out without hurting anyone. I want to think about me now. I am important too.

  27. Please pray for my daughter to be kept safe and not abducted by her father to a muslim country. Pray that the court does not make us keep him in our lives and that she is free to be raised a Christian and not forced into Islam. Pray that I can stay strong under all this attack and stop blaming myself for getting involved with the wrong type of man. Pray that in time I can be married to a Godly man who will love us the right way in Christ.

    • Lord I pray for this lady right now. In the name of Jesus I pray she totally forgives herself, because you forgave her when she first ask. I’m believing you to supernaturally intervene, because you created anonymous in the likeness of you. Lord you said that no weapon formed against her/us shall prosper. And God we thank you for your word right now in Jesus name. You also say in your word that, whatever the enemy (caused us to do out of our ignorance/not knowing or our disobedience) you would take that same thing and work it out for our God when we have committed our lives back to you.Lord I can’t thank you enough, that you’re working everything out for my sister in the Lord good. We give you all the praise, the honor and glory. You deserve it!

  28. Alena, I have just indulged in our psalm and prayer 9:11 for you and your family. So seems that my family and I are hit with so many issues at one time but remember prayer is our way to get through.. constantly my friend.

  29. Our home is coming apart gave only been here 2 months we have no more money for extensive repairs and no place else to go

  30. Please watch over my son and his situation
    Please provide protection yo him in his trials and tribulations…..In Jesus name Amen

  31. Dear Lord please protect all my family members and friends from all forms of hurt harm or danger special prayer for Andre Travell Ellis to find a job and keep it no jail or trouble with the law send me money please to get all my business in order and please let me and my husband live in the same house when you see fit Thank you in. Advance God

    • A delightful message.. there is an inside secret to that prayer. We had devastating roof problems and after all efforts and even a new roof, things went wrong. Never ever heard of such a thing. So.. I seriously sat at my computer praying for the right prayer and that one surely showed up!

    • That’s awesome. I know that I have recited it and have passed to others. and… By the way, me and family got through the crisis! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  32. Please pray for me and my girl. We are having such hard times that shes thinking of comitting a sin that involves her own life please i beg of you to pray for us along with your prayers we need them we need Gods strength and mercy thankyou and God bless us all.

  33. “Letting go and letting God”.. I think we’ve heard that before. “Can be the hardest thing to do or the easiest!”.. Together let’s give these world problems to our Lord. Please pray for the people through this devastating weather. Amen.

  34. Pray for a new home please God I believe that you are able prayer for a car I tired off walking in the cold with my baby in ask people for rides..

  35. pls pray for me through our Lord Jesus Christ, THE HOLY FATHER God in heaven and our holy guardian angels. My neighbour has been taunting me and harrassing me for years. There have been many police reports made. They still do.Even tried to run me down with their bicycles. ..I ask for the end of this and that justice prevails. I am not asking for revenge because i know that is wrong . I pray for everyone here will get an answer to their prayers and mine too…THank you and thank you God. Jesus said’ Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will always be”

      • No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

  36. Thankyou Monica.
    Gods words to us to pray and feel in our hearts each day, for people everywhere who are in the way of danger. The prayer over nations. Never have we seen, heard or felt so many things that we can’t feel good about. Others out there trying to take away the very beliefs that we came to be who we are now. I say this only in the true sense of peace, not violence. I pray that through all this, I will not lose sight of the very person I am, a child of God, a true friend of Jesus and a very grateful person.

  37. Dear lord I’m asking that you watch over my friend protect her from any danger or harm lord bless her take evil away that my try to come her way lord protect her family send your angels to watch over her and her family day in and day out.

  38. Father Jesus please keep us your children from all hurt, harm and danger. I love you Lord and thank you for loving me. Give me and my family strength, guidance and understanding as your well will be done. Prepare us for the days to come. Amen to lord God be the glory.

  39. Gooday,

    Please pray for me and my family I need God to intervene in my life and for him to cover myself and my family my car and my home.
    I need him to Bless me abundantly and take away all fear of ungodly energies and jealously over my life.

    Please pray for me in Jesus name That my children grow up to believe in Christ and may their lives be blessed always and for me to be a better mother,
    I ask for guidance and patience.

    In Jesus name


  40. Thank you for this prayer. Dangerous summer storm in the area. Sitting in my closet under the stairs. The prayer brought me into the presence of the Father. May the lights turn on now. :^) Praise God for evermore.

  41. God is good and real he delivers and does things in his time . Please pray for me I have a mean neighbor and her family that knit picks and their children are being disrespectful . My children and family is seeing the mistreat and evilness that they are doing to me . I ask God to blessed me with a another home so my family and I can be at peace . When I read I say their names and a scripture along with prayer no weapon form against me shall prosper. I hope and pray that my neighbors can remove the evilness from their hearts . 🙏🏾💔

  42. I’m asking for prayer for my family some one shot at my mom house last night while they where sleeping.. Thank god no one got hurt..I’m ask for prayer for my family to be safe as they sleep,work,go to school so if everyone could say a prayer please do Thk you


    • Thankyou I really needed this prayer I have Ben harassed for 5 years by boyfriend mother that landed me in the hospital . This time I cried to god and ask him to removed me from him and his mother because they are trying to kill me from the stress and my children needs me .

      Sent from my iPhone


  44. Let’s us please pray for our nation our illegal brothers and sisters in America who is going through the roughness time with what trump is doing.. not all is criminal.. some are here for a better life.. people are living in fear.. very very sad what’s going on..not everyone would agree with me. Especially the ones who are not illegal.. but we are all huranium an we are all not fortunate.

  45. Please send me a powerful prayer I have been bullied and torture for 5? Years by boyfriend family until I feel like I am having a breakdown it is becoming unhealthy uncontrollable crying . He is also suing me with an accident he only wants the medication to sue me and allow his family to hurt me

  46. Prayer for family’s all who were in the flat and homeless and lost their beloved ones. Please pray and support these people.

  47. Praise God
    For me to receive the safety protection prayer at this time I was facing bodily harm to come my way I had no knowledge of . I cried so hard to God pleading to help me and tired of the devil coming after me .

  48. Thank you for this beautiful prayer written to us to come and get closer to God. The appointed time is drawing closer than we think. Calm ng on America and all Americans tocturn to the Lord so this nation will not be destroyed for being disobedient to God. Father God forgive us all in Jesus’ Holy

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